About Me

About Me

Welcome to my page. I would like to talk a little bit about myself. This is my 24th year in the profession. In 1996, I started on the radio as a newscaster. For 8 years, I have been the editor and presenter of many formats such as news anchors, morning newspaper programs and economy programs on national radios. Sometimes I made a live connection to the newsletters by making correspondent from the field, and sometimes I made special interviews with names like President Erdoğan (which was the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor at the time). I would even assemble the sounds we use in radio newsletters, that is, important and remarkable explanations of the day. I would like to add the radio's promotional voices, commercials and documentary voices. It was a good day. I continued this way until 2004. 8 years as a newscaster in the sector who stepped into the sector was too much.

Finally, I started working as TV Newscaster in Fall 2004. TGRT News was opened on October 29, 2004. I applied by mail first. The phone came 2 hours after the mail. The next day I went for a demo shoot. I went across the camera. They said enough in the 2nd minute. I suppose he did not think that the editor-in-chief, said they were waiting for me in the room. I was hired. The TV part of my profession started like this. Afterwards, I worked on several channels including FOX and Al Jazeera. I am currently presenting Evening News at TGRT Haber.

I write these lines at 2:00 am. Let's say that's enough for now. I will continue with the details in the future.

In the meantime, I will be constantly updating my page. The latest posts on my social media accounts, the latest youtube videos, the news of the trainings and workshops I will give, and even the news that draw my attention from the agenda will be on this page. Maybe I will also write about the agenda soon. So don't forget to follow my page and check back often. You can send me your comments, suggestions and opinions on my contact page. I can be reached from the same place for presentations, training and youtube related job and project offers.

See you...

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